Dead Superstar and Less Than None at AMBC

Dead Superstar with Less Than None

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Dead Superstar with Less Than None

Dead Superstar is welcoming in the New Year in New York, here at AMBC!


Dead Superstar is an intense melodic hard rock band founded by vocalist Terence Keith and bassist Troi Mosby (formerly of perseverance) in early 2005. Their passion to perform great music ignited the fire in them to create a powerful sound that would be heavy enough to rock the hardest head banger to the crossover masses. Dead Superstar began writing songs and rehearsing in late 2006, by 2007 they began their craft of flavorful soul rock, packed with grooves yet was heavily melodic. Their music is embedded with controversial lyrics of the human condition. The band recorded their debut album with Joey Z’s (life of agony) studio, Method of Groove, entitled “Tribulations”. The album is packed with 11 pounding anthems, powerful vocals, blistering guitars, thundering bass and grooving beats. Their follow up album I Did It For The Rock Gods was produced by Jerrod Mankin (Bobaflex) and recorded at red barn studios and mixed by Grammy nominated producer Johnny Karkazis.  Throw an unbelievably energetic live show into the mix creating the new big rock sound to the planet! DS plans to deliver their music and message to the masses, impacting as many lives as possible in the process.

Less Than None

A Bronx-based band out of NYC, signed with Sonic Decoy Records; best known for its energetic, head banging & refreshing spin on Post/Progressive Metalcore music. With over 4,000 followers/subscribers and building on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, Less Than None is changing the way you consume music!

Less Than None has performed and worked with an array of artists such as “Angel Vivaldi”, “Ghost Ship Octavius” featuring “Nevermore’s” Drummer Van Williams, “The Bloodline” featuring “Divine Heresy’s” singer Travis Neal, Sean Danielsen of “Smile Empty Soul”, “A Killer’s Confession” featuring former Mushroomhead Vocalist Waylon Reavis, and have been hosted by Donald Jamieson, best known as a co-host of VH1 Classic’s hit heavy metal talk show series “That Metal Show”.

Our recently released EP “Hands On Fire” can be streamed from multiple platforms such as Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, and Google play to name a few, along with our first single “Jumper Down”. We are currently excited to announce that we have over 1,000 streams from over 500 listeners in 36 countries.

Since 2011, when the band was first founded until present, Less Than None has had the privilege of impacting the underground music scene of NYC. Less Than None has been featured on media outlets such as Bullspike Radio & Greece’s Metal Therapy Radio as well as performed at the famous Webster Hall and headlining at Gramercy Theatre. Our mission is to continue releasing new and exciting music that impacts everyone, from our closest friends to strangers around the world. Join us as we create a musical escape for audiences to enjoy!

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