C.Dub.U Blues Express at AMBC Promo Flyer

C.Dub.U Blues Express

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C.Dub.U Blues Express

Charles “Chuck” Worrell has become known as an exceptionally skilled and unusually versatile guitarist.  His deep appreciation for all forms of music, natural affinity for the guitar and drive to explore the full creative and expressive potential of the instrument have fueled his commitment for the past 30 years.

As a teacher to students of all ages and skill levels, he is equally at home introducing beginners to the exciting world of guitar as he is deconstructing advanced lead guitar techniques with his master class students.

​​As a performer, songwriter and arranger, he is comfortable working in all genres of music, from rock and metal, to blues and soul, classical and fusion, reggae and ska, funk and r&b, jazz and country, pop and hip-hop.

Chuck’s philosophy is that music is first and foremost about communication, and that learning the guitar gives us a voice to reach others.  Developing that voice let’s us express ourselves to listeners and other musicians alike. With guitar, as with life, there is always room for us to continue to improve and build on what we’ve already learned…

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